Idioms: think straight -- thrash

think straight think clearly, be rational I'm so tired I can't think straight. Let me rest; then we can talk.
think tank people thinking together, big-sky thinking, brain storm Our company think tank will solve the problem.
think the world of admire greatly, worship the ground... Samson thinks the world of you. He would do anything for you.
think through think in steps, think carefully Before you go to the manager with an idea, think it through.
think up imagine, create My story is finished. Now I have to think up a title.
third degree (See the third degree)
this mortal coil the difficulties of life on earth, vale of tears When your soul departs this mortal coil, will you welcome the transformation, or will you cling to the physical state?
this one is on me I will pay for this one (drink, lunch, etc.) "This one's on me," Mr. Kirby said as he paid for my lunch.
thorn in my side (See a thorn in my side)
thrash driven hard and fast, used carelessly That car has been thrashed. Don't buy it.
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