Idioms: throw a game -- throw down your arms

throw a game deliberately lose a game, cause your team to lose, take a dive They said that Red threw his last game of pool, but I think he's too honest to do that.
throw a kiss kiss your hand and wave, blow a kiss When Madonna threw a kiss to her fans, they cheered.
throw a monkey wrench into the works wreck a project, monkeywrenching, piss in the pickles The report that coffee causes cancer threw a monkey wrench into our plans to import coffee.
throw a party invite people to a party, have a party Connie throws the best parties. Everybody has a great time.
throw a tantrum show your bad temper, make a scene When I refused to buy candy for Reggie, he threw a tantrum.
throw away put in the garbage, throw out I threw away those old magazines. I hope you didn't want them.
throw caution to the wind live or act carelessly, not be cautious Let's throw caution to the wind and buy ten dresses!
throw chunks vomit, puke, barf, hurl, woof your cookies One look at those oysters and she started throwing chunks. Yuk!
throw cold water on discourage, cause you to lose interest Don't be negative. Don't throw cold water on our travel plans.
throw down your arms stop fighting or arguing, bury the hatchet It's time to throw down your arms and forgive him.
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