Idioms: for a dog's age -- for gosh sake

for a dog's age a long time, 10-15 years, in a coon's age We haven't seen Aunt Sophie for a dog's age - for years.
for a song for a little money, for a low price Look at this sweater. I got it for a song at a second-hand store.
for all the tea in China (See not for all the tea in China)
for better or worse during good times and bad times, through thick and thin When you marry someone for better or worse, you hope for better but prepare for worse.
for crying out loud before I start crying, for gosh sake For cryin' out loud will you stop playing those drums!
for dear life to save your life, because a life is in danger When the bear stood up on its hind legs, we ran for dear life.
for good forever, permanently Remember, a tattoo stays on your skin for good - forever.
for good measure adding enough or a bit more than required For good measure, we added a bottle of wine to the punch.
for goodness sake for the good of everyone, please For goodness sake, don't drive so fast! The roads are icy.
for gosh sake for god's sake for goodness sake For gosh sake! Where did you get that monstrous hat?
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