Idioms: put up or shut up -- put your foot in it

put up or shut up pay for or be quiet, do instead of talk If you brag about your cooking we'll ask you to put up or shut up.
put up the money pay for, finance, front me If I start a new business, will you put up the money?
put up with tolerate, endure, not get frustrated Alice puts up with a lot of complaining from Jackie.
put you at ease cause you to relax, break the ice An embarrassing moment can sometimes put you at ease.
put you away defeat you, knock you out If the score is tied, he must win two points to put you away.
put you in a bad mood cause you to feel upset or unhappy The violence in that movie put me in a bad mood. I dislike violence.
put you off your game cause you to play poorly, cause you to make errors Wearing a helmet will put me off my game. It will bother me.
put you through the mill test your endurance or will, give you a hard time, run the gauntlet On the first day, the workers will put you through the mill. They want to know if you are strong.
put your best foot forward try to do your best work, present yourself well If you put your best foot forward, the employer will be impressed.
put your foot in it say or do something that causes an argument He really put his foot in it when he said that doctors are underpaid.
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