Idioms: pissed off [B] -- Plan B

pissed off [B] angry, mad, pissed, ticked off He'll be pissed off if I leave him. He'll be mad.
pissed to the gills [B] drunk, plastered, snapped He was pissed to the gills, so we sent him home in a taxi.
pissing into the wind [B] working at a hopeless job, feeling futile about a task Cleaning up an oil spill is like pissing into the wind - hopeless!
pit of my stomach (See the pit of my stomach)
pit stop a brief stop to buy gas or go to the washroom Excuse me. I have to make a pit stop before we go to the movie.
pits (See the pits)
place on a pedestal (See on a pedestal)
plain as day easy to see, clearly visible, in broad daylight I saw it, plain as day - Bigfoot - not twenty feet away!
plain as the nose on your face very easy to see or understand, very clear, crystal clear We have photos of the earth from outer space that prove the earth is round. It's plain as the nose on your face!
Plan B the substitute for Plan A, an alternative plan Plan A depends on getting a student loan. What is Plan B?
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