Idioms: give your word -- glued to the set

give your word promise, say that you agree, count on what you say If you gave your word, do whatever you promised. A person is only as good as his word.
glad rags best clothes, dress clothes I'll come to your concert. I'll do my hair and put on my glad rags.
glassy eyed dazed, not alert When I saw him he was glassy eyed. I think he was drunk.
glitch fault, problem, snag That printer is full of glitches. It isn't working right.
glom onto grab, take Don't leave any donuts around, or Bubba will glom onto them.
gloss over cover faults or errors, cover up Jill won't gloss over your errors. She'll tell you about them.
gloves are off (See the gloves are off)
glow on (See a glow on)
glowing terms (See in glowing terms)
glued to the set watching TV, interested in a TV show Jack loves sports. He's glued to the set every Saturday.
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