Idioms: rabbit -- ragtop

rabbit steal, take company supplies, pinch, scoff Those sailors will rabbit anything that isn't chained to the deck! They're ruddy thieves!
rabbit died (See the rabbit died)
rabbit food lettuce, carrots, cabbage etc. Dad says salad is tasteless. He calls it rabbit food.
rabble-rouser a person who makes noise and causes problems A bunch of rabble-rousers were fighting at the football game.
rack my brain think hard, try to remember I've racked my brain, but I can't remember where I saw that man.
rack up compile, increase, build up, run up He racked up a lot of points with his first hand of cribbage.
rad radical, weird, on the fringe What a rad video! The singer's head was sitting on a table!
rags clothes, threads I need some new rags. My clothes are old and worn.
rags to riches (See from rags to riches)
ragtop convertible car, ragtop In the summer, Pam drives a ragtop - a Fiat Spyder.
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