Idioms: on your toes -- one by one

on your toes ready, alert I have to be on my toes in her class. I have to listen and think.
on your way traveling, leaving, on the road home You can be on your way as soon as the tire is repaired.
once-over (See give it the once-over)
once in a blue moon very seldom, rarely, in a long time "Have you heard from Paul?" "Once in a blue moon he calls, maybe once a year."
once upon a time a long time ago, at one time Once upon a time, there was a king named Arthur...
one and the same the same as, not different, part and parcel Some people believe abortion and murder are one and the same thing.
one at a time one then another, one by one Don't push, kids! It's one at a time.
one born every minute many easy customers, lots of suckers "There's lots of suckers," he said. "There's one born every minute!"
one brick short of a full load mentally slow, not all there I'm okay, but you may be one brick short of a full load. Ha ha.
one by one one then another; one at a time, single file One by one the children entered the shelter.
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