Idioms: hit the road/trail -- hokey Dinah

hit the road/trail travel, leave Let's hit the road early. We have many miles to go.
hit the skids begin to fail, go downhill After losing his job and his wife he hit the skids - became a bum.
hit the spot taste right, is satisfying Sometimes tea hits the spot. It satisfies me.
hit town arrive in town It was 2 a.m. when we hit town.
hitch in your getalong (See have a hitch in your getalong)
hobnob associate with, be a friend of Per likes to hobnob with artists because he likes to draw.
Hobson's choice accept what is offered or you get nothing; tight spot If I don't agree to accept half the money, it will all go to charity. It's a Hobson's choice.
hogwash false statements, bull, bunk, hot air He told you I have a pet python? That's a lot of hogwash!
hoity-toity a bit snobbish, high and mighty Pamela is a classy lady, but she is not snobbish or hoity-toity.
hokey Dinah gosh, holy cow, wow Every time you hit the ball Wendy says, "Hokey Dinah!"
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