Idioms: go by the name of -- go figure

go by the name of has the name of, is called, a.k.a. The zebra also goes by the name of "tiger horse."
go crazy lose control, go bananas, go wild If I don't leave this place I'll go crazy! It's boring here.
go down lie down, go to bed, go to sleep Our baby goes down early - and gets up early.
go down for the third time drown, die, fail In Calculus 101, I'm going down for the third time. I'm failing.
go down on [B] give oral sex to a woman or a man "Do you want to go down on me?" she whispered.
go downhill fail and lose, down and out It's too bad. After getting out of prison he just went downhill.
go downtown [B] have intercourse, go all the way If I go up to your room, it doesn't mean you can go downtown.
go easy on do not ask him to work hard, ease up on Go easy on Billy, please. He's not well today.
go easy on do not take too much, use less Go easy on the jam, please. Leave some for me.
go figure you find the answer, the answer is no He said he quit smoking, then he asks for a cigarette. Go figure.
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