Idioms: high and mighty -- highball it

high and mighty better than other people, snobbish, upper crust After she married the judge, she acted kind of high and mighty.
high five celebrating by slapping each other's raised hand After scoring a goal, the players exchanged high fives.
high handed superior, above other people We don't like managers who are high handed - high and mighty.
high-hat proud, snobbish, pompous Cynthia looks high-hat, but she's really very friendly.
high hopes expecting the best, hoping for success Todd has high hopes for his son, including a college education.
high on the hog having expensive things, in luxury If I win the lotto, we'll live high on the hog - in a mansion!
high roller a person who spends a lot on gambling and betting This is a game for high rollers. You need a hundred grand to play.
high strung nervous and sensitive, easily upset Jacqueline won't speak in public because she's very high strung.
high time late, past due, about time It's high time you got a job, Ty. What kind of work do you like?
highball it drive fast, boot it The big truck was highballin' it, speeding down the freeway.
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