Idioms: hold a candle -- hold-out

hold a candle do as well, compare with, measure up The Buick is nice, but it can't hold a candle to the Cadillac.
hold a grudge stay angry for a long time, bad blood He gets mad, but he never holds a grudge. He forgives easily.
hold a meeting organize and conduct a meeting The club will hold a meeting on Monday at 7:30 p.m.
hold down keep, stay at He has shown that he can hold down a job. He's reliable.
hold forth talk at length about one subject, lecture "If you mention his favorite topic--ants--he'll hold forth for hours!"
hold her liquor drink but not get drunk, hold your drinks Thelma can hold her liquor. She looks sober after five drinks.
hold it stop, this is important, hold on, wait a minute "You and I will swim over to - " "Hold it! I can't swim. I didn't agree to swim anywhere!"
hold me responsible say that I am responsible, carry the can, lay the blame Because I'm the cashier, the manager holds me responsible for missing cash.
hold on wait, do not begin, we are not ready Hold on! We haven't fastened our seat belts.
hold-out a person who does not agree There are two hold-outs, but both people are willing to negotiate.
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