Idioms: tied up -- time and again

tied up busy, unable to help I'm tied up right now. I'm busy with a client.
tight-ass [B] stingy person; tight fisted Mason is a tight-ass! He collects rent from his old grandmother.
tight race close race, down to the wire It was a tight race for the mayor's position. Kutz won by ten votes.
tight spot uncomfortable position, between a rock and a hard place At the interview Vic was in a tight spot. They asked him, "Why were you dismissed from three jobs?"
tight/tight fisted not generous, unwilling to spend, cheap People say he's so tight he'd sell a gift and bank the money.
tighten our belts not spend as much, be careful with our money We'll have to tighten our belts when Stan goes on pension.
till hell freezes over until the end of time, until the end of the world You can wait till hell freezes over but they won't pay their bill.
till the cows come home for a long time, for days or weeks A letter from Dave? You'll be waiting till the cows come home!
till you're blue in the face until you are very tired, until you look sick You can train a flea till you're blue in the face, but he won't learn.
time and again many times, repeatedly I've told that boy time and again not to fight, but he won't listen.
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