Idioms: bundle -- burn the midnight oil

bundle (See make a bundle)
bundle of nerves (See a bundle of nerves)
bundle up dress warmly, put on winter clothes, rug up Be sure to bundle up if you go skating on the lake. It's cold!
bunk false statements, rumors, baloney, bull They claim that computers can think, but that's a lot of bunk!
buns buttocks, bum Tony said Rita has great buns.
burbs (See the burbs)
burn a hole in your pocket feel that you have to spend your money If money burns a hole in your pocket, invest it.
burn it in throw the ball hard to the catcher, fastball My hand hurts when you throw so hard. Don't burn it in, eh.
burn out use too much emotional energy, breakdown Working too hard can cause a person to burn out.
burn the midnight oil work or study very late at night To become a doctor, you have to burn the midnight oil.
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