Idioms: hole up -- home stretch

hole up hide and wait, find a place to stay until it is safe The robbers were holed up in a motel on Hastings Street.
hollow leg (See a hollow leg)
holy cow that is exciting, geez, gosh, wow Holy cow! That car just about crashed into us!
holy Moses that is amazing, gosh, holy Toledo, wow Holy Moses! What a lot of birds! There must be a million!
holy pile (See a holy pile)
holy smoke what a sight, holy cow, wow Holy smoke, he was weird! He had purple hair!
holy Toledo how exciting, holy Moses, wow Holy Toledo, he has big muscles! They're huge!
home free finished a job, free to go home or away Two more newspapers to deliver and we're home free - finished.
home run (baseball) the batter scores a run on one hit (See grand slam) I remember the game when Rusty hit three home runs.
home stretch the last part of the journey or race On the home stretch we drove slower. We wanted to feel relaxed when we got home.
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