Idioms: horse feathers -- hot air

horse feathers lies, false stories, bull, a bunch of malarkey When she told her dad she saw a ghost, he said, "Horse feathers!"
horse of a different color (See a horse of a different color)
horse sense being sensible, logical; common sense He's got horse sense to rent a condo before he buys one.
horse shoes up his ass [B] very lucky, always winning He's got horseshoes up his ass! He won six games of bingo!
horse's ass [B] (See a horse's ass)
horseplay just having fun, fooling around Don't worry. The boys aren't fighting. It's just horseplay.
hose it down/ hose it off spray with water from the hose, wash down If the rubber mat is muddy, lay it on the sidewalk and hose it off.
hoser Canadian guy, neighbor Hey, hoser. What're you doin' in my garden?
hot angry, mad, pissed [B] She was really hot when you said her wig was crooked.
hot air false talk, bragging, bull, hogwash Steve brags about winning the marathon, but he's full of hot air.
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