Idioms: have a fling -- have a puff

have a fling live a wild life as a young person Dad, did you have a fling when you were young?
have a go try to do, attempt You have a go at this puzzle. See if you can solve it.
have a good time be happy, enjoy yourself, have a blast You should come to the party. We'll have a good time.
have a heart do not be cruel, have some feeling Have a heart when you coach the kids. Be gentle with them.
have a hitch in your getalong limp, walk with a limp Since he broke his ankle, he's had a little hitch in his getalong.
have a laugh laugh, chuckle Phan and Lo had a laugh about their early birthday parties.
have a leak [B] urinate, take a pee [B] When you go camping, it's okay to have a leak in the woods, eh.
have a looksee look at something, look for something Pete thinks he can find the cow. He went to have a looksee.
have a mind to am considering, may do this I have a good mind to tell his wife he's been with a prostitute.
have a puff (See have a drag)
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