Idioms: hit the bar -- hit the nail on the head

hit the bar go to the bar to buy some drinks Every night after work he hit the bar and stayed for hours.
hit the books begin to study, crack a book Exams begin next week. It's time to hit the books.
hit the bottle drink liquor, get drunk to forget problems When Laura left him, he hit the bottle, drinking to forget her.
hit the brakes step on the brakes in a car or vehicle, try to stop When I saw that the other car couldn't stop, I hit the brakes.
hit the bricks go to jail, be sentenced to a jail term, in the tank That was the last time he hit the bricks. He never went to jail again.
hit the ceiling become very angry, lose your cool The third time we were late for class, she hit the ceiling.
hit the ground running be able to work effectively when you begin a new job, self-starter We need someone who can hit the ground running, a person who needs no training.
hit the hay go to bed, crash After supper he hit the hay. He was exhausted.
hit the high notes sing high notes, play high notes Can you hit the high notes on your trumpet? High C?
hit the nail on the head say the right word, suggest a good idea Your comment hit the nail on the head. You spoke the truth.
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