Idioms: lefty -- let George do it

lefty left-handed person, southpaw The ignition switch in most cars is not designed for a lefty.
leg up (See a leg up)
leg work walking, going to visit customers or voters The kids delivered the notices - they did the leg work.
lemon a car with many problems, a car of low quality, seconds When the American companies began to make small cars, there were a lot of lemons for sale.
lend a hand help someone, give me a hand Our neighbors lend a hand when we have too much work to do.
lesser lights people who are not as talented, not superstars We owe our success to the lesser lights on our team - the workers.
lesser of two evils both are bad but one is not as bad as the other Neither person can be trusted. Choose the lesser of two evils.
let a fart [B] allow gas to escape, fart, pass wind If I let a fart in this tiny room, we won't be able to breathe.
let down not do as expected, disappoint someone Don't let the team down. Please come to the game.
let George do it let him or her do the job, wait for someone to do it If his attitude is let George do it, he won't succeed in our firm.
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