Idioms: a head start -- a hit

a head start a chance to start ahead of the other runners etc. Give the smallest runner a head start. He can't run very fast.
a heavy day a busy day, a hard day At the end of a heavy day he likes to sit on the patio and read.
a heavy hitter a person who can hurt you, a heavyweight Al is a heavy hitter. Don't try to cheat him.
a heavyweight a person with a lot of power, a heavy hitter, a shogun, VIP If you're promoted to vice-president, you'll be a heavyweight - a powerful person!
a hell of a time a difficult task, an awful time, a dickens of a time When he's drunk I have a hell of a time getting his car keys. He doesn't want to give me his keys.
a hell of a time a great time, a wonderful event, a blast "How was the party?" "I wish you had come - we had a hell of a time!"
a helping hand help with a job or task, lend a hand May was always ready with a helping hand.
a hill of beans a small amount, very little The money he lost doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
a hit a popular song or movie, an idea everybody likes Remember the song Michelle? It was quite a hit.
a hit a drug dose, drugs from a needle When she's depressed, she'll do anything for a hit.
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