Idioms: be there -- beat around the bush

be there be ready, be alert, up for it The captain of the hockey team shouted to his mates, "Be there, guys! We have to win this game."
be there for me help me when I need it, be supportive, stand by me "Will you be there for me?" she asked. "I need your support."
be there or be square if you do not come we will think you are call it square We're having a party at 7 on Saturday. Be there or be square!
be yourself be natural, behave normally Don't worry about what to say at the party. Just be yourself.
bean pole tall and thin, string bean Carl is a bean pole - tall and skinny - just like his father.
bear down try harder, bite the bullet If you bear down a little, you can graduate this year.
bear the brunt accept the most blame or responsibility When we got in trouble, Ed bore the brunt of the blame.
beat a dead horse continue to ask or try when there is no hope They won't refund your money. You're beating a dead horse.
beat a hasty retreat run away from, leave quickly When the boys heard the siren they beat a hasty retreat.
beat around the bush talk without telling the main point Politicians often beat around the bush. They talk a lot but say little.
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