Idioms: dress down -- drive a hard bargain

dress down dress in casual clothes, dress informally It's a library party, so dress down. Wear something casual.
dress rehearsal the last rehearsal before the performance, dry run All actors must come to the dress rehearsal - our last practice.
dress up dress in your best clothes, put on glad rags Everybody got dressed up for the banquet. Roy wore his new suit.
dressed fit to kill dressed in party clothes, dolled up, dress up, gussied up In walks Erica, dressed fit to kill. She looked terrific!
dressed to the nines dressed in high fashion, gussied up Here I am in jeans. Everybody else is dressed to the nines.
dribs and drabs (See in dribs and drabs)
drink like a fish drink a lot of liquor every day If Hal is coming to visit, buy lots of beer. He drinks like a fish.
drink up drink your wine etc., bottoms up Drink up, my friends. It's Buddy's birthday!
drink you under the table drink more liquor than you, drink and not pass out, put you away After three glasses of beer, you're nearly drunk. I bet I can drink you under the table!
drive a hard bargain pay a low price, negotiate firmly When buying land, Cal drives a hard bargain. He pays low prices.
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