Idioms: all his marbles -- all set

all his marbles normal, sensible Dan talks to the door. I wonder if he's got all his marbles.
all in very tired, exhausted, dog tired, done in After the marathon, she was all in - completely exhausted.
all in a day's work not extra work, just part of my duties She said, "Thanks for the help." "All in a day's work," he replied.
all in all generally, considering everything All in all, it was a good holiday. We enjoyed our trip to Europe.
all it's cracked up to be as good as the ads say, live up to the reports The new computer isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's not so hot.
all joking aside (See joking aside)
all-out all your effort, go all-out We looked day and night for the lost girl. It was an all-out effort.
all over but the shouting (See it's all over but the shouting)
all over hell's half acre all over the place, everywhere I left the gate open, and the cows are all over hell's half acre.
all set ready, prepared to start "All set?" he asked, as she closed her suitcase.
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