Idioms: dig deep -- dildo

dig deep give more money, dig a little deeper We'll all have to dig deep if we hope to achieve our goals.
dig in begin to eat, eat up, help yourself Dig in, everybody. There's lots of food.
dig in their heels hold their position, not yield or move If we discuss money, he digs in his heels. "No raises," he says.
dig it up dig the garden, dig to uncover a buried object Remember where you bury the treasure, because some day you may want to dig it up.
dig me understand, get my drift "I don't like you to take my car. That's gonna stop, dig me!"
dig your own grave cause your own failure, cut your own throat When you criticize the manager, are you digging your own grave?
dig yourself in make it worse, say or do something that aggravates When he insulted the policeman, I said, "Don't dig yourself in."
dig/dig it like, enjoy, relate to Ole digs the Beatles. His favorite song is Norwegian Wood.
digs apartment, house, pad I'm having a party so everybody can see my new digs.
dildo (See a dildo)
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