Idioms: heavy foot -- hell of a time

heavy foot driving fast, pedal to the metal Your heavy foot is causing a financial problem for us. Speeding fines are costly!
heavy going difficult part, hard work, heavy going I'm glad we have Al on our team. He likes the heavy going.
heavy heart sad, sorrowful It was with a heavy heart that he attended his father's funeral.
heavy hitter (See a heavy hitter)
heavy metal types (See skids)
heck hell, shucks She asked me to come in, but heck, her boyfriend was there.
hedge your bets bet safely, bet on two or more horses etc. If you hedge your bets, you have a better chance of winning.
hell bent for election going fast, determined to get somewhere There goes Joe, driving hell bent for election - always in a hurry.
hell in a handbasket (See go to hell in a handbasket)
hell of a time (See a hell of a time, one hell of a time)
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