Idioms: hey -- high

hey listen, I am calling you Hey, Ron. Where are you going?
heyday best years, in your prime In his heyday, Pele was the best soccer player in the world.
hi hello, howdy Hi, Kelly. How are you?
hi there hello, hi Hi there. Do you know the way to Monterey?
hick rural person, local yokel, rube Wearing overalls and a straw hat, he looked like a hick.
hidden agenda secret plan to control the meeting or decisions The board has a hidden agenda. We don't know their real plans.
hidden talent a talent or skill you do not show very often Oh, you play the harmonica! Got any more hidden talents?
hide nor hair (See haven't seen hide nor hair)
high drunk, feeling happy after using a drug, stoned Look into his eyes to see if he's high. Are his eyes clear?
high (See natural high)
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