Idioms: eat it up -- eat you out of house and home

eat it up finish eating some food, eat all of the food That's a good boy. Eat it up and then you can go out to play.
eat it up believe a story, eat out of the palm... The children were eating it up - every word the teacher said.
eat like a horse eat a lot, pig out Barney eats like a horse. He has a monstrous appetite.
eat my hat/shirt be very surprised or shocked if it is true If the Vancouver Canucks win the Cup, I'll eat my hat!
eat out eat at a restaurant, eat at a cafe On Friday evenings we eat out, usually at a Greek restaurant.
eat out of the palm of your hand do whatever you ask, obey you, win the hearts If you tell the children a story, you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.
eat that believe that, buy that, swallow that After listening to the UFO scientist, my uncle said, "Are we supposed to eat that?"
eat up begin to eat, continue to eat, dig in Eat up, folks. We have lots of pancakes.
eat you for breakfast defeat you easily, have you for breakfast In a game of racquetball he'll eat you for breakfast. He's quick.
eat you out of house and home eat all your food, pig out Our son's team came to dinner and ate us out of house and home!
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