Idioms: get back at -- get cold feet

get back at return an insult, get revenge If you don't apologize, he'll get back at you. He's quite angry.
get bageled lose without scoring, get skunked, be shutout We got bageled. They beat us 11-0!
get blood from a stone do an impossible task, beat your head against... You'll get blood from a stone before you get money from Ed.
get burned be caught, get blamed, get into trouble I got burned for helping Bev with her divorce. They blamed me.
get busy begin to work, start to do, get at it Get busy and cut the grass before your father comes home.
get by/scrape by have just enough money, make do I can get by on very little money, if necessary. I can be frugal.
get carried away become too emotional, go overboard, go too far When the kids play hockey, their parents get carried away, yelling at the referees and fighters.
get caught found doing something, caught in the act Did Vi get caught driving without a license? Did she get a ticket?
get caught up do unfinished work, learn what you missed I have to get caught up on my studies. I missed two classes.
get cold feet cancel a plan, renege, back out, jam They'll be married next week; that is, if Jack doesn't get cold feet.
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