Idioms: jack me around -- jerk

jack me around tell me lies, play games Don't jack me around, man. I need to know who took my car.
jack of all trades a person who has many skills She's a carpenter, plumber and cook - a jack of all trades.
jam play jazz, practise music in a small group After the concert, a few musicians started to jam.
jam session informal practice session for musicians, jam After the symphony rehearsal, a few of us had a jam session.
jam tart a phony person, a pretender That jam tart! He teaches writing but he hasn't written anything.
jam/jam out not come to the party etc., back out Kai jammed last night because her cousin came to visit her.
jazz up add color or interest, add an accessory It's a nice coat, but I'm going to jazz it up with a red scarf.
je ne sais quoi I do not know what it is, it is a special something She has a special quality, this lady, a certain je ne sais quoi.
jeepers oh, gee whiz, gosh Jeepers! I don't know what to say.
jerk fool, dipstick, fink Stop acting like a jerk! Stop squeezing mustard on me!
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