Idioms: get down to brass tacks -- get her way

get down to brass tacks become serious about it, knuckle down As soon as I'm feeling better I'll get down to brass tacks.
get down to business work seriously, not waste time or effort "Let's get down to business," he said. "We have much to do."
get even do the same thing to someone, get back at When he loses a game, he wants to get even. He wants to win.
get fingered be accused, be blamed He got fingered for taking the money because he had the key.
get fresh act in a sexual way, come onto her When he's had a few drinks, he tries to get fresh with me.
get-go (See from the get-go)
get going go, start moving, get lost When I stopped to rest, he said, "Get going. Get out of here."
get good wood on shoot the puck hard, hit the ball squarely Clark got good wood on that shot, but he missed the net.
get hell [B] receive a scolding, catch hell [B], get it He got hell for breaking a glass. Mrs. Fisk told him he was bad.
get her way get her choice, have her opinion rule, get your way If she got her way as a child, she'll try to do whatever she wants as your wife.
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