Idioms: go to hell in a handbasket -- go wild

go to hell in a handbasket go to hell feeling peaceful or unconcerned, ignorance is bliss We don't get involved in issues. We're wasting our lives and going to hell in a handbasket!
go to pieces (See fall to pieces)
go to pot (See gone to pot)
go to town (See going to town)
go to trouble (See go to any trouble)
go to your head (See let it go to your head)
go too far become too excited, get carried away Some soccer fans go too far. They fight and cause damage.
go under fail, be unable to continue, go bankrupt Companies that can't make loan payments will go under.
go up in smoke burn, be destroyed in a fire You need fire insurance. What if your condo goes up in smoke?
go wild act wild, run and squeal etc. When the teacher leaves the room, the kids go wild.
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