Idioms: back out -- backroom boys

back out decide not to do it, change your mind If you sign your name, you can't back out. You have to pay.
back teeth are floating have to urinate, need to pee Please watch for a rest room. My back teeth are floating.
back to square one back to the first step, start from scratch If you forget to do one of the steps, it's back to square one.
back to the drawing board back to the beginning, back to square one If this plan fails, it's back to the drawing board. We start again.
back to the grind return to the job, go back to work After New Year's, it's back to the grind - the old routine.
back up go backwards, drive in reverse I'll back up the truck so we can load it.
back you support your decision, sign your application His brother will back him if he needs financing.
back yourself into a corner put yourself in a bad position, have no escape If you buy what you can't afford you back yourself into a corner.
backpack (business) support, be the parent company First, GM backpacked Saab. Then they bought the company.
backroom boys men who play poker and smoke in a room at the back of the store When the police raided Gino's they arrested four of the backroom boys.
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