Idioms: get into trouble -- get laid [B]

get into trouble do bad things, break the law When he's with the Subway Gang he gets into trouble. He's bad.
get it understand, know what is funny "Get it? Do you get the joke?" "Yes. Ha ha. Ha ha ha."
get it be scolded or punished, get hell [B] I really got it for taking my brother's car. He was furious.
get it off your chest talk about a problem, complain He can get it off his chest at the meeting. He can complain there.
get it on kiss and hug in a sexual way, make out The phone rang just when they were getting it on.
get it over with do it quickly, finish it before it becomes worse "If you want a divorce," he said, "let's get it over with."
get it straight understand it, catch on, figure out She doesn't know the difference between boys and girls. I hope she soon gets it straight.
get it together become organized, be effective I'll get it together this term. I'll improve my grades.
get it together get a well-balanced life; become happy, successful She's getting it together. She's trying to live a meaningful life.
get laid [B] have sex, get her/him into bed Most guys take you out expecting to get laid, right?
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