Idioms: caught dead -- caution

caught dead (See wouldn't be caught dead)
caught flatfooted not ready to respond, mind in neutral Esposito was caught flatfooted by Lemaire's slapshot - an easy goal!
caught in the act caught doing a crime, caught with his pants down Two of the boys were caught in the act of vandalism. They were breaking car windows.
caught looking be looking when you should have been acting I was caught looking when he hit the ball. I just watched it.
caught red-handed caught with evidence, caught in the act The smuggler was caught red-handed with a kilo of cocaine.
caught up busy with, involved Maidra is caught up in church activities. She's very busy.
caught up be finished, completed the required work I want to get caught up on my cleaning before we have guests.
caught with his pants down found doing a bad act, caught in the act Percy was caught cheating - caught with his pants down.
cauliflower ear a human ear that looks like a small cauliflower After years of playing rugby Ron had a cauliflower ear. It had been bumped and injured too many times.
caution (See a caution)
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