Idioms: get reamed out -- get the finger [B] (get the bird)

get reamed out (See ream out)
get revenge hurt someone who hurt you, get even, pay him back Do you want to get revenge, or do you want to discuss the problem and forgive him.
get rid of discard, throw away, do away with First, we have to get rid of the money. Where can we hide it?
get rolling move, go, drive away If you have to be home by noon, we should get rolling.
get screwed receive unfair treatment, ripped off, taken in I got screwed when I bought this condo. I paid too much for it.
get serious do not joke, be serious, pay attention When we discussed water safety he told us to get serious.
get shit [B] get a scolding or a lecture, catch it, get hell [B] He got shit for drinking beer in school. The principal was mad.
get something out of learn from, benefit from We always get something out of her class. We learn something.
get the drop on be quicker to start, get the jump on Stu's very quick. In faceoffs, he gets the drop on his opponents.
get the finger [B] (get the bird) get a bad sign, see the middle finger Bad drivers get the finger when they cut in front of Randy.
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