Idioms: go over -- go strong

go over be liked, be accepted Free drinks will go over with the students. They'll like that idea.
go overboard do it too much, go off the deep end He goes overboard if he likes a girl - buys her flowers every day.
go places succeed, do well, make it big When Percy got his degree, we knew he was going places.
go pound salt leave, go away, go tell your mother she wants you We don't allow babies in our gang. Go pound salt!
go public tell the public, tell a reporter If he goes public, everybody will know that we had an affair.
go-round a turn, a try, a cowboy's ride In the second go-round, he scored a 79, better than his first try.
go soft be gentle, be considerate I've learned to go soft when I return papers with low grades.
go steady date only one person, go out with only one Tony and Pearl are going steady. They're faithful to each other.
go straight change from a criminal to a law-abiding citizen When he's released from prison he plans to go straight.
go strong (See going strong)
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