Idioms: shut my mouth -- sick to my stomach

shut my mouth sorry for what I said, slap my afro "The girl you called an idiot last week has carried off the best marks." "Well, shut my mouth! There's more to her than meets the eye."
shut up do not talk, keep quiet "Shut up!" he yelled at the dog. "Be quiet or I'll muzzle you!"
shut your face stop talking, shut up When I told him he was a racist, he said, "Shut your face."
shutout (sports) no goals scored against a goal keeper in one game Our goalie has three shutouts this season - three zeros!
sick as a dog (See as sick as a dog)
sick at heart sad, sorrowful Papa was sick at heart after the hailstorm ruined our crop.
sick building (See a sick building)
sick of not interested any more, bored by, tired of We're sick of his jokes because he repeats them.
sick to death wishing for a change, fed up, sick of People are sick to death of the debate on gun control. They've heard too much about guns.
sick to my stomach vomit, puke, throw up Stop the car! I think I'm going to be sick to my stomach.
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