Idioms: get along -- get axed

get along co-operate, give and take Joey gets along with everybody. He is very co-operative.
get along cope, live, manage I don't know how I'll get along without you. How will I manage?
get along go, do not stay here Get along now. Go home, please.
get around visit friends and places, socialize With a full-time job and three kids, I don't get around much.
get around it avoid rules or laws, find a way around You must obtain a business license. You can't get around it.
get around to do, work at, complete I haven't got around to calling him yet. I haven't had time.
get at suggest, imply When you said I was slow, what were you getting at?
get at it do it, get busy, get to it Well, this work has to be done. Let's get at it.
get away with not obey the rules, not get caught He gets away with speeding, but the police will soon catch him.
get axed be fired, be dismissed He got axed for stealing funds.
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