Idioms: flip -- Florida green

flip be surprised, freak out Mom nearly flipped when I told her we got married.
flip-flop change of opinion, move to the other side We often see politicians do a flip-flop after they're elected.
flip you for it flip a coin to decide who pays When our food check arrived, Al said to me, "I'll flip you for it."
flip your lid become angry, blow your stack If you get another speeding ticket, Dad will flip his lid.
flipping consarned, darn, friggin, If you don't like the flippin' rules, you don't have to play.
float your boat arouse you, interest you, to each his own, turn you on Personally, I'm not into athletic girls, but whatever floats your boat.
flog a dead horse (See beat a dead horse)
floor it push the gas pedal down, pedal to the metal Buddy floors it from every stoplight. He drives too fast.
floor you surprise you, shock you, bowl you over (see bowl me over) The odor from a turkey farm is enough to floor you.
Florida green yellow traffic light, amber warning light Oops! I just drove through a Florida green. Any cops around?
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