Idioms: blow you away -- blue in the face

blow you away defeat you easily, beat the pants off You're going to play chess with Boris? He'll blow you away.
blow you out of the water defeat you, humiliate you If you challenge his leadership, he'll blow you out of the water.
blow your lid/stack/top become very angry, shout, lose your cool Don't blow your stack in front of the kids. It's a bad example.
blow your mind amaze you, astound you, shock you Watching films of the holocaust will blow your mind.
blow your stones [B] ejaculate, come There's more to it than blowing your stones. Sex is an art form.
blow your wad spend all your money, blow a bundle He blew his wad on some handmade boots. They cost $700!
blowout (See a blowout)
blue sad, depressed, down, low "Are you blue, Dear?" "Yes. Jack left me."
blue-collar worker someone who works at a trade, e.g., a plumber The blue-collar workers will vote for Ed. He's a tradesman.
blue in the face weakened, tired after trying many times I called that dog until I was blue in the face. He would not come in.
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