Idioms: bottom line -- bozo

bottom line the final number, the conclusion The bottom line is this: we can't afford to expand.
bottom out go down to the bottom, arrive at the low point The recession will bottom out by the end of the year.
bottom rung the first step, the lowest position Jerry, my boy, in this company you start at the bottom rung.
bottoms up finish your drinks, drink the remainder "Bottoms up," said his friend. "It's time to go."
bounce back recover from failure or sickness, try again Lana has the flu, but she bounces back quickly.
bow out resign so someone else can serve, step down When Dad sees that I can manage the firm, he will bow out.
bowl me over surprise me, blow me down Well, bowl me over! You've done your homework!
boy, oh boy wow, oh man, holy cow Boy, oh boy! I'm glad to see you!
boys will be boys all boys are the same; boys are rough and noisy, a chip off the old... When Steve came home with his shirt torn and nose bleeding, his father said, "Boys will be boys."
bozo a person who does unusual things, a nerd Lenny is kind of a bozo. He laughs at the wrong time.
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