Idioms: flat broke -- flew the coop

flat broke having no money, out of cash By the end of my first term at university, I was flat broke.
flat out as fast as possible, pedal to the metal Scott was driving flat out most of the way - over 180 km per hour.
flatfoot policeman, a constable who walks the streets Ted is a flatfoot in Regina. He works for Regina City Police.
flatfooted (See caught flatfooted)
flatliner a person whose emotions do not change The doctor is a flatliner. His face shows no joy, no sorrow.
flattery will get you nowhere saying nice things will not help you, kiss the blarney stone When I complimented Anna on her hair, she said, "Thanks, but flattery will get you nowhere."
fleeting glance (See a fleeting glance)
flesh out add information, make complete Here's the outline, Pat. You can flesh it out later.
Fletcherize your food chew your food many times, chew your food until it is easy to digest "Here, Fletcherize this." "Yuk, your pancakes are as tough as leather!"
flew the coop departed, left home Brian flew the coop last night. He packed a suitcase and left.
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