Idioms: to a fault -- to each his own

to a fault doing it too much, go overboard May gives most of her money to charity. She's generous to a fault.
to a man every man or person, not one person disagreed We asked the team who should be coach. To a man, they chose you.
to a T perfectly, accurately, down to a T, to perfection That guy looks exactly like Liam! It's Liam to a T!
to be perfectly honest to tell you the truth, to tell you exactly how I feel, as a matter of fact "Your cat's up in the tree again." "To be perfectly honest, I don't care. Let him come down alone."
to beat the band with lots of energy, like crazy, like mad Aunt Jemima was making pancakes to beat the band.
to blame at fault, guilty Who's to blame for starting the fire? Who did it?
to boot in addition to, plus We'll trade you the car for the truck and give you $500 to boot.
to coin a phrase to create a new phrase, to make up a phrase To coin a phrase, "Life is just book of idioms!"
to-do (See make a big to-do)
to each his own we like different things, one man's garbage... She likes the Rolling Stones, but he likes Mozart - to each his own.
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