Idioms: fraidy cat -- freeze wages

fraidy cat a child who is afraid to jump etc., chicken "Fraidy cat, fraidy cat!" the boys shouted. "Ali's afraid to jump!"
frame cause you to look guilty, set you up He framed you. He lent you his car, then reported it as stolen.
frame of mind mood, mental attitude, state of mind I'm not in the right frame of mind to listen to your poem.
frazzled having tired nerves, going in circles I'm frazzled! Gift shopping takes all my nervous energy.
freak/freak out show surprise or disbelief, flip, go ballistic Mom will freak when I tell her we're married.
free-for-all (See a free-for-all)
freebie a free ticket etc., a sample Some drug companies advertise through freebies - free pills.
freeload receive free food or rent, a handout Do social programs encourage freeloading? It's a good question.
freeze-up when the lakes and ground freeze (November) We want to dig the hole for the basement before freeze-up.
freeze wages keep wages the same, not increase wages, dig in their heels To control spending, the board is going to freeze our wages - no salary increases for one year.
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