Idioms: turn you on -- twerp

turn you on arouse you, cause you to feel excited "What turns you on?" "Good books and nice girls."
turn your back on turn away from, reject, turncoat When he became president, he turned his back on his friends.
turn your crank interest you, inspire you Classical music turns his crank. He likes the great symphonies.
turn your stomach make you feel sick, cause you to feel ill Watching you eat those oysters turns my stomach. Yuk!
turn yourself in walk into a police station to tell them what you did, own up If you tell your counselor about the shooting, he'll advise you to turn yourself in.
turncoat one who goes to work/fight/play for the opposing side, traitor That turncoat! He went to work for the competition - Sears.
turning point (See the turning point)
turnout the number of people, the size of the group There was a good turnout at the Writers' Club today: 20 people.
tweak increase the power, hop up, supercharge If we tweak the engine in this old Cortina, we'll have a sports car.
twerp small child or person, knee high to a grass... Ricky is just a twerp. He can ride on Grandpa's knee.
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