Idioms: flunk out -- fold

flunk out fail a school program, fail a course If you flunk out of college, you will have to find a job.
fly-by-night bad, dishonest, not to be trusted He put his money in a fly-by-night company and lost it all.
fly by the seat of your... (See by the seat of your pants)
fly in the face of contradict, be opposite to These errors fly in the face of our reputation for accuracy.
fly in the ointment small problem, troublesome detail The fly in the ointment is that a boy saw you kissing Lola.
fly low drive a vehicle very fast, drive so fast you nearly fly On the freeway I was flying low - going over 200 km per hour.
fly off the handle become angry suddenly, lose your temper After Charlie flew off the handle he apologized for his temper.
fly on the wall (See a fly on the wall)
foggiest (See haven't the foggiest)
fold quit, stop operating The store folded during the recession - went bankrupt.
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