Idioms: catch as catch can -- catch some z's

catch as catch can no order, get what you can The Clearance Sale was catch as catch can - each one for himself.
catch hell [B] get a scolding or lecture, get it, get shit [B] "Did you catch hell for cheating?" "Yes. The teacher lectured me and gave me zero on the exam."
catch it get a scolding or lecture, catch hell [B] Did you catch it for coming in late? Was your mom mad?
catch me by surprise surprise me, not warn me The snowstorm in May caught us by surprise. We didn't expect it.
catch me doing that see me doing that, find me doing that You won't catch me skydiving. It's too dangerous.
catch on learn how to do, learn the ropes We need trainees who catch on quickly - people who learn fast.
catch on get work, get a job, hire on Maybe you can catch on with a survey crew for the summer.
catch phrase idiom, popular phrase, buzzword There's a catch phrase for Newfoundland: The Rock.
catch some rays have a sun bath, get a sun tan, bag some rays When we get to Hawaii, you can catch some rays. It's sunny there.
catch some z's sleep, get some rest, crash Do you mind if I catch some z's on your couch? I'm sleepy.
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