Idioms: weather the storm -- well to do

weather the storm survive a crisis, live through tough times Pat lost his job and I had surgery, but we weathered the storm.
weed out remove, delete, get rid of, turf it We have to weed out the courses that people don't need, such as Caring For Your Polar Bear.
weigh in at measure the weight of a person, tip the scales Teddy weighed in at one hundred kilograms. He's a heavy man.
weirdo strange person, pervert, creep This weirdo started following us around the park. It was scary!
wekabi personal evil spirit, personal devil His wekabi told him to steal the statue of the Ethiopian ruler.
well heeled wealthy, rich, well off The Clarks were well heeled, wealthy enough to hire servants.
well hung [B] having a large penis and testicles That stallion is well hung. He's very well equipped.
well off wealthy, well to do Ken's family is fairly well off. They can afford a few luxuries.
well taken true, significant Your statement is well taken. The Canadian family has changed.
well to do wealthy, rich, loaded Many well-to-do families send their children to private schools.
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