Idioms: give me a dingle -- give my right arm

give me a dingle phone me, call me, give me a ring Give me a dingle sometime. My number's in the phone book.
give me a hand help me, lend a hand Please give me a hand with this math problem. I can't solve it.
give me a hint tell me part of the answer, say a word to help me I can't guess the name of your new boyfriend. Give me a hint.
give me a lift give me a ride, pick you up Can I give you a lift to school? Want to ride with me?
give me a lift give me a happy feeling, cause me to feel better Pat's jokes give me a lift. When I laugh, I feel much better.
give me a ring phone me, call me, ring me Give me a ring when you get home from work, eh.
give me the creeps cause me to feel scared or uncomfortable Damon looks like a ghost. He gives me the creeps.
give me the third degree question me carefully, haul up on the carpet The police ask a lot of questions. They give you the third degree.
give my eye teeth give something valuable, give my right arm Does he like me? I'd give my eye teeth to know if he likes me.
give my right arm give something valuable, give my eye teeth What a voice! I'd give my right arm to be able to sing like that.
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