Idioms: done to a turn -- double or nothing

done to a turn cooked or baked until very tasty The steaks were done to a turn - brown and juicy.
done with it finished using it, not using it Just leave the pen on my desk when you're done with it.
Donnybrook a fight involving many people - especially in a game of hockey The Flames and the Oilers had another Donnybrook last night - a bench-clearing brawl.
doo-doo excrement, shit, doggy doo, in deep doo-doo, poop My shoe really stinks. I must have stepped in some doo-doo!
door to door going from one house to the next house We went door to door asking for donations for the team.
dork [B] penis, dick, hoo-haw "Does your dork shrink after you've been swimming?" "Ya. That's natural."
dork [B] foolish person, dipstick, jerk, lamebrain What a dork! He drove off the road to pass that car!
double-cross break a promise, cheat on someone He promised not to tell you, but he did. He double-crossed me.
double-edged sword (See a double-edged sword)
double or nothing double the first bet and if I win, I owe nothing After losing the first bet, I said, "Double or nothing this time?"
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